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Is there anything I need to know about QR codes?

Here’s some basics to get you started.Enjoy it.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode consisting of a pattern of black and white pixels that can encode up to several hundred characters. Today's smartphones and tablets are capable of quickly recognizing and decoding QR codes. QR refers to Quick Response.

Due to the widespread use of smartphones, QR codes have recently been used mainly in mobile marketing. QR codes are useful for marketers because they can add electronic information such as websites, videos, PDF files, photo albums, contact information, etc. to printed media such as flyers, posters, catalogs, business cards, etc. through them.
What's the scope of application of QR codes?
The application potential of QR codes is almost endless. Especially when encoding URLs, the content included can be all kinds of things, including homepages, product sites, videos, photo albums, coupon codes, contests, contact forms or other types of online forms, social media sites, and more. Much of the content doesn't even require a cell phone connection, such as calendar events, Wi-Fi connections, business cards with personal contact information (business cards can easily be added to an address book). QR codes can be placed on web pages, paper ads, products or other print.
How to scan a QR Code
QR codes can be interpreted by simply installing a QR code reader on your phone, tablet or device. These QR code readers can be obtained for free from the app market. To scan a code, simply open the code scanning app and wait for the camera to automatically detect the QR code. In just a few seconds, the decoded content will be displayed on the screen. As for the quality of the app, you can refer to the reviews on the app market. iPhone(Apple device) users can use the system camera directly to scan QR codes.

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